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"Jack was professional and reassuring from the outset. He helped me tackle a number of problems, helping me to feel better and giving me advice to maintain it".

-Mr S, Markyate -

Meet Dr. Jack Stow

Jack Stow enjoys getting patients actively involved in their care using a wealth of functional tips, exercises and rehabilitation advice. He believes strongly in promoting healthy living and empowering patients both in his practice and through workshops that he has provided to GP surgeries, charity groups, sports clubs and businesses. He has experience working with sportsmen and women, from amateur to international level, including working with a National League III Rugby Club, where he provides pitch-side care and triage clinics. Jack Stow is a dedicated St Albans Chiropractor.


He graduated from The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with a Masters (Merit) in 2009. He is certified in Dry Needling and Kinesio Taping® techniques and has further training with courses including “The Pregnant Pelvis” by Elisabeth Davidson FCC (Paeds) and “Functional Rehabilitation: The Modern Patient-Centred Practice” by Craig Liebenson, DC. He is registered with The General Chiropractic Council, The British Chiropractic Association and The Royal College of Chiropractors, and recognised by most health insurers.

Dr Jack Stow Chiropractor

Conditions Helped

Chiropractors do not just manage back pain, they may also help manage a wide range of symptoms and conditions, and provide great advice and strategies to help maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s this extra time, level of care and service that many patients come back for. We strive to fully assess and diagnose your problem, then give you options where we may be able to help, whether that is through advice, treatment, referral or co-management when necessary. We will not advise treatment until it is safe to do so. This is following a thorough neuro-orthopaedic examination and review of your condition, lifestyle and other health complaints. We may include advice to help you recognise and modify aggravating activities that contribute towards your complaint at home or work, to help you better manage your condition and reduce risks of further irritation. Evidence for what we can manage changes and is often subject to different opinions (compare for example what conditions The Bronfort Report suggests there is reasonable, quality, positive evidence for Chiropractic care) with what the CAP guidelines say Chiropractors may advertise they treat. This may be confusing for all involved. As more high quality (randomised controlled) trials are performed, and with the help of evidence-based Chiropractors and professional organisations like The British Chiropractic Association and Royal College of Chiropractors promoting research, we believe more conditions may well be added to this list. This takes time and money that the profession itself often has to raise from just a proportion of it’s members. Positive evidence with “Chiropractic Care” is usually synonymous with “spinal manipulation” as the intervention for the condition but may include advice, exercise, massage or the application of ice or heat. It should be noted our package of care does not rely on manipulation alone, and manipulation is only performed with patient consent when deemed appropriate, balancing clinical benefits versus risks. Below are currently some of the conditions we help manage. Back or Neck Pain (not arising from serious injury, whiplash or accident) Sciatica Lumbago Knee & Hip Pain from Osteoarthritis (as an adjunct to core OA treatments and exercise) Headaches Arising from the Neck (cerviogenic) Migraine Prevention Joint Aches and Pains Tension and Inability to Relax Minor Sports Injuries Ankle Sprain Shoulder Complaints Rotator Cuff Injuries, Disease or Disorders Soft Tissue Disorders of the Shoulder Elbow Pain & Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) (arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions of the back and neck, but not isolated occurrences) Plantar Fasciitis (short term management) Muscle Spasms Cramp

Practice Areas

Professional Bodies

Jack is a member of the following professional bodies

British Chiropractic Association

General Chiropractic Council

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The Royal College of Chiropractors

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